Ganpat University has launched various undergraduate honours programs for students pursuing liberal studies. Program is conceived to bring societal change through education.  Program offers BBA, B. Com, BA(English/Psychology/Economics) and BSW. The courses which are taught under the programs are literature, philosophy, politics, history, law, mathematics, econometrics. The program offers unique opportunities to the students to build an international career. The program provides a platform to the student to increase intellectual growth, be more creative, and at the same time to inculcate rational thoughts. The course has a rigorous focus on study and improving different learning techniques using different modes and models. The honors curriculum, established in harmony which meets the needs of the students to engage in learning through special courses, seminars, colloquia, experiential learning opportunities, undergraduate research opportunities, or other independent-study options.

 What will you learn?

The Interdisciplinary Liberal Studies at Ganpat University goes beyond the traditional boundaries of learning. Students will learn multidisciplinary subjects like arts, culture, history, law, politics, mathematics, english, communication, foreign language. Students will get in person experience of national and global organization work by opting for national and international tours. Ganpat University offers BA (English) (Hons.), BA (Economics) (Hons.), BA (English) (Hons.), BA (Psychology) (Hons.), BSW (Hons.), B.Com. (Hons.), BBA (Hons.). The curriculum of the program is designed to meet the academic requirement of the honours  program with global acceptability. Program satisfies general educational requirements, subject stream requirements, and professional training requirements. The program has highly reputed standards and models of excellence for students and faculty. The program emphasizes active learning and participatory learning methods by offering opportunities for students to contribute to regional and national conferences. During the course students will learn basic courses and end the journey by learning international courses. Students will learn subject like international programs, community service, internships, undergraduate research, and other types of experiential education.


Any student who has studied through English / Hindi / Gujarati Medium and has passed HSCE (i.e. 12th Standard) Examination in Science or General stream with English as one of the subjects from any recognized Board can join BBA (General) Program. 


Semester End Examination :  60% 
Internal Evaluation : 40% 
Passing Standard in each subject is 40% in Semester End Examination as well as in Internal Evaluation.   
The students are expected to fulfill all the requirements of Internal Evaluation in stipulated time Provided by University/College 
 The medium of instruction is "English" A student is required to fulfill the attendance criteria of minimum 75% as per university norms, failing of which, the student will not be eligible for appearing in the examination.
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